Carcassonne scoring board

Electronic scoring board gone to the Web

Start counting!

Since I'm a big fan of Carcassonne board game and I happen to come accross this unique project on the web, I just had to make one for myself :). It proved to be great for Carcassonne scoring, but just recently we started using it to track scores in Qwirkle board game.

Here are some (more on my blog) pictures of how my version of the electronic carcassonne counter looks like, and how the app looks like on iPhone

The idea for a web app came naturally since the electronic counter was too cumbersome to carry around. Now, since this project was done while I was learning (still am) Angular.js, there is still a lot space for improvement (especially code structure and logic), that's why I encourage you to give suggestions on best (better) Angular practices, or even help out on GitHub. The code on GitHub is free to use, I didn't put any restrictions on it so feel free to fork it, improve it, alter it to suit your needs.

The icons are from The IconFactory, and the font is Lindsay Becker

I would love to hear what you think of this and for which game you used it to track scores, so feel free to leave a comment on my blog.